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How To Really Get A | Funmbi Omotayo

How To Really Get A Man

You ever notice how there’re so many books on how to keep a MAN, or how to make MEN want you, how to get married in a year, these books are designed to teach women how men think, to give them guidelines or fundamentals to help them secure that ring they so desperately crave. Rarely do you find books on how men should treat women or what we need to do to get the woman of our dreams, why is this so?? is it because we’ve figured women out?? since when did the prey start going after the hunter?? it’s common knowledge that most men don’t know a thing about women, in fact we get allĀ  our info about the opposite sex from the worst possible source available, that’s right, from other men. The amount of times i’ve been around the lads and the advice given makes you question their sanity, but then how do you argue with a man who’s track record is 4 kids from 6 different women, Jay-Z said numbers don’t lie. Maybe it’s an ego thing; I mean what guy would want to be seen with a book on how to get “her” surely that’s what tequila is for no?

The truth is there’s no formula on how to keep or find the “one” and we certainly won’t find the answer in those silly books……

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